About the photo: taken on the beach a couple of years ago. I added the caption back then just to have a laugh with Renee and haven’t shared it with anyone until now. It is pretty fun, and perhaps it will help bring attention to this post J…

Thank you all for the thousands of likes, shares, comments and contributions regarding my announcement earlier this week. While the reality of Renee’s diagnosis with breast cancer and impending treatment has been a colossal sucker punch to the gut for both of us, the outpouring of support has been a huge emotional boost for us and we are forever grateful.

People we don’t even know have reached out with messages and financial contributions and we are deeply appreciative. In addition to crushing my daily radio show on http://KBAD945.com this week, I have made every effort to spend special moments with my wife, either in tears or laughing our asses off, as we prepare for her chemo treatments to begin next week. I have also made every effort to respond to all the offers of help, advice, support, and thank those who have deposited money into her benefit account. I have fallen behind in the latter and will continue to do my best.

Many friends in the entertainment industry have stepped up in a lot of ways – offers to donate money, memorabilia, airtime (Eddie Trunk and many others have opened the door for me to come on their shows and promote the cause and events we’re organizing to raise money) – rock stars like Dave Mustaine, Paul Shortino, John Rich (Big & Rich) have helped spread the news, along with so many of our media friends in radio, the press, and web media. Agents and venues nationwide have offered to help by organizing a series of concerts geared towards helping with treatment expenses.

We don’t yet know what those expenses will be, but it’s going to take everything we’ve got financially to cover this. As I mentioned in my initial statement, I will be liquidating whatever material assets I have – starting with our 10 acre retirement property in Nevada on down to the last signed 8X10 photo. If you’ve been on the fence about buying my book and “Metal Cowboy” CD, now’s a good time to visit the Store at http://ronkeel.com. As time permits, I’ll be adding items to the store and listing memorabilia on eBay in the weeks to come. Every download of the new single counts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dead-man-rockin-single/id1178070115 - as well as the Nook & Kindle eBook versions of the book, all of which are available at http://ronkeel.com.

Many have asked for the mailing address: 2601 South Minnesota, #105-146, Sioux Falls SD 57105 – the direct PayPal link is https://www.paypal.me/reneekeelcancerfund - and there’s also an account set up US Bank: “Renee Keel Benefit Account” – just go into any branch in the US and mention that, you don’t need an account number or any other details.

We are discussing the possibility of concerts/fundraisers in Sioux Falls, Columbus, Vegas and Hollywood (and a couple of other cities as well) and will schedule these around Renee’s chemotherapy sessions over the next 4-6 months.

I will do my best to keep everyone posted on her progress and recovery. Thank you again to all our friends and fans for everything you are doing to help during this difficult time.


January 04, 2017 @06:16 pm
Wow, talk about a perspective punch! Kinda knocks all my life complaints right outta the park. As with Dave you will be in my nightly prayers. May God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit bless you both.
Sean Flynn
December 30, 2016 @09:02 pm
Ron, Please don't apologize for not responding or replying right away. Bro, you have way bigger concerns that need your attention, so reply when you can- we all know and understand. That said, when Renee beats this thing, yes when, not if because Renee is gonna whoop this thing's ass, so when she beats it, you'll have all the time to respond then. Keep fighting the fight. You're in our prayers!

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