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It’s been almost eight weeks since my wife, partner and best friend Renee Keel was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. In that time, she has started chemo treatments, always with a smile and a positive attitude, and undertaken this journey with grace and dignity. These will continue for several more months to shrink the tumor, which doubled in size in just two weeks following the diagnosis. A mastectomy will be scheduled for sometime in May.

We have been blessed by friends and strangers alike, offering prayers, gifts, support, donations and sharing their personal cancer experiences with us. We are deeply grateful for the outpouring of love we have received during this difficult time.

As the last of her hair falls out, the first of the medical bills have arrived. Since I first announced our situation in late December, many have helped by purchasing items in my online store, and revenue from the sale of the books and CD’s has been added to Renee’s benefit account. So many have donated to her expense fund at and we appreciate that more than we can say. As soon as I’m finished composing this message, I’ll be transferring some of those funds to cover those initial medical expenses.

We are arranging some fundraising concerts in Chicago, Vegas, LA, Sioux Falls and perhaps some other cities - and a "Rockers For Renee" CD release is in the works, with some great music by a variety of artists who are donating tracks.

I know that as a ‘rock star’ the impression may be that I am financially secure and shouldn’t need any help with this. The situation demands that I declare that nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, I sold several million albums (30 years ago) and I’ve had a dream career doing what I love to do and, for the most part, usually making a living. The business opportunity that brought us to Sioux Falls two years ago was very rewarding but required a significant investment from Renee and I to relocate and dedicate ourselves to the new situation. So when all this is said and done, I want 1) my wife to be healthy and cancer free, 2) I’d like to keep our house, and 3) I’d like to maintain ownership of my song catalog. Everything else is fair game.

As I mentioned in my initial announcement, I plan to aggressively apply all my energy and resources to her treatment and recovery. Obviously, I have adopted a new hairstyle to show my support and as a physical and visual representation of what this means to me.

I will be doing everything I can to generate revenue to help pay the massive medical expenses that are quickly piling up. I will be liquidating most of my primary assets, from our Nevada property (10 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains) down to every last $5 autographed 8x10 photo I can sell – and everything in between. I will be launching and releasing new musical products, merchandise, and selling unique vintage memorabilia from my career collection. So when you see me online pimping my products and personal items, you’ll know why.

I also plan to work my ass off on stage and off, doing every gig, session, or appearance that makes sense. The music will not stop, because she wants me to do what I do – it makes us money and it makes me happy, which in turn makes her happy.

I will also of course be continuing as your Master of Mid-Day Mayhem on KBAD 94.5 Monday-Friday at 10 AM CST, rocking your radio harder and better than ever - and I thank my amazing co-workers at KBAD for their support and for covering for me on those days when I can’t be there.

My endless appreciation goes out to all the fans who have given me the chance to entertain you while living my dream and finding the love of my life. It’s good to know you’ve got my back while Renee and I fight this battle.

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